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Solar dos Loendros wins first gold medal

Diamantino Ferreira receiving the gold medal by the President of the OIV of France - Prof. Ducret Rousset

"Photo Newspaper Tomar city - 31.05.2002"

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Diamantino Ferreira

“He did a little of everything, was born for the art of business. It went to Venezuela. You invested here what you got there.
It was 1949 when the then young Diamantino Ferreira married the daughter of Manuel Gato Júnior, from Marmeleiro (…).
Vibrant look of those who live these moments, Diamantino Ferreira recalls the sayings that the Cat Couple qualified as a "miraculous" terrain, enjoyed by nature's unique sorcery. Awe-inspiring wines resurfaced from its vineyard, leaving the taste of the mouth open… ”

Thus begins the article of the Cidade de Tomar newspaper on May 31, 2002, when she dedicates a report to Diamantino Ferreira and the Solar dos Loendros wines to purpose of the 1st Gold Medal, obtained at the V Ribatejo Bottled Wine Contest.

And if the fascination for the sector already existed, this prize was the motto to solidify this project with intensified encouragement as it proved its pioneering bet in the region on international monastasts, restructuring the 1st vineyards with the chardonnay white grape and cabernet ink Sauvignon.

At the Ribatejo 2002 Best Bottled Wines Competition, the jury chaired by Eng. Bento de Carvalho recognized the best quality of the 1999 Solar Cabernet Sauvignon - Cabernet Sauvignon, which marked the life of our founder and our history!

This was the first formal recognition, of so many that have followed in the curriculum of our wines, between national and international competitions.

And beyond these signs of prestige, winning the trust and preference of our customers was a commitment to quality from the beginning.

In the same article you can read “The crown jewel is the quality of wine. He and son-in-law António Ferreira value the investment in the details that the competition demands. They give examples. Between the cutting of the grapes and their transport, there are only a few minutes, which is guaranteed by three tractors. The staff is sensitized to prevent the parras from mixing in the grapes."

Some Curiosities from our humbling start

Wine Label from our first wines

Solar dos Loendros

Old Label

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